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Al-Jazeera: “Amazon villagers incensed over energy plans”

Fotografia: Minguarana Producciones/ Al-Jazeera

Boca das Tropas, Brazil - Along the peaceful and serene river banks of the Tapajos River - a tributary of the Amazon - a proposed hydroelectric dam has stirred the ire of the villagers living in the area.

"Each day more police arrive in our villages, more armed forces. They think they will intimidate us but they never will. We are fighting for our people, our children, our nature," Rosenilda told Al Jazeera.

As a guerreira - a woman warrior from the 14,000-strong Munduruku tribe - she protects the Boca das Tropas village, a 40-minute boat ride from the town of Jacareacanga.

Not far off, children were chattering and laughing in the Munduruku language as they dived off the river bank. Women, carrying baskets on their backs secured by bands around their foreheads, were cleaning up the centre of their village.

Rosenilda and another guerreira, Maria Leusa, were deadly serious in their determination to oppose, through direct action if necessary, the government's plan to build 12 dams along the Tapajos river valley.

However, many Brazilians believe that the Indians must not be allowed to put their interests above the demands of national development. Claudio Sales, the director of Acende Brasil, an energy think tank, believes that if Brazil is to continue developing, then it must tap into the Amazon's huge hydropower potential.

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